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Restaurant Information

Restaurant Name: Jalapeῆo
Address: 185 Columbus Ave
New York NY 10023
Phone: 212-877-7800
Cuisine: Mexican
Price Range: $$
Restaurant Details:


185 Columbus Ave (b/w 68th & 69th)

We heard about Jalapeño when we Googled "menudo"nyc.  What we found were various restaurants serving menudo but were mostly in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. The one place that served it at a decent price was at Jalapeño on the Upper West Side. And so we scurried only to find that they had to taken menudo off the menu and were only serving pozole, which we gladly ordered. We also ordered a Oaxacan quesadilla (order comes with three small quesadillas) as an appetizer and a burrito de carnitas. The pozole came in a small bowl but served to be a fulfilling meal with the quesadillas. The hominy soup was pleasantly delightful as it was just like my mother's own pozole. The drizzled lettuce and touch of lemon gives it that subtle touch of home cooked-style authenticity. The burrito is reminiscent of a California burrito which means one thing: Grande! The carnitas were mouthwatering in each bite, which by the way has to be eaten with a fork (come on people, we can't eat a burrito con las manos, this isn't a taco truck stand!). Jalapeño is just what the Upper West Side needs, a delicioso touch of home.


-Araceli Cruz



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