Cafe con Leche

Cafe con Leche

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Restaurant Information

Restaurant Name: Cafe con Leche
Address: 424 Amsterdam Ave
New York NY 10024
Phone: 212-595-7000
Cuisine: Latin - Dominican
Price Range: $$
Restaurant Details:
424 Amsterdam Ave. (b/w 80th & 81st)
In its attempt to provide home-style cooking, it's understandable that Cafe con Leche is a pretty no-frills establishment. Often, the best Latin food places are the simplest. But, while it may offer the most authentic Latin food on its stretch of Amsterdam Avenue, on those laurels it should not rest. The menu meshes Cuban, Dominican, Spanish and many more Latin cuisines, but does not exactly excel at any. Starting with the sancocho: the broth was tasty and murky as it should be, but the overcooked meats included did not seem native to the stew. The shrimp-stuffed avocado salad was refreshing but not remarkable. The chuletas con mojo were over-seasoned at best, and salty at worst; had they been more moist, we could have had a winner. Things can get tricky with coconut milk, but the pescado en salsa de coco successfully jumps that hurdle; the savory-sweet sauce soaking into the fried fillets. The white rice is good; at least, they've got the basics covered. The black beans are delicious, though curiously, as far as portions go, Cafe con Leche is pretty stingy with the legumes. The actual cafe con leche though? It will keep you up all night.
-Angela Bruno
Hours of operation
Mon - Sun 11AM - 11PM




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